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Why do you need dry building mixes?

Almost until the mid-90s of the last century, builders used conventional cement-sand mortars at the facilities. They were prepared in the necessary proportions to perform certain types of construction or finishing work. This practice does not meet the modern requirements of construction technology for a long time and is not effective from an economic point of view. Therefore, dry building mixtures are widely used today.

Dry building mixtures are ready-made compositions. Their composition, in addition to high-quality cement and sand, includes additional components. This multicomponent allows the preparation of target mixtures designed for specific types of construction or finishing work. To prepare the solution, it is enough to seal the mixture with water in the required proportion. At the same time, the resulting solution has excellent operational properties, which ensures a high quality of work. Also, the use of building mixtures makes it possible to reduce the consumption of materials and increase labor productivity.

Modern industry offers a wide range of dry building mixes designed for various types of work. According to this principle, the following main varieties can be distinguished:

  • Masonry mixtures for outdoor work;
  • Adhesive mixtures for interior work;
  • Leveling dry mixes;
  • Waterproofing mixtures;
  • Repair dry mixes.

Adhesive mixtures

Adhesive mixtures are used for laying ceramic tiles on floors and walls. At the same time, they are suitable for performing work on almost any basis, from cement and brick to plasterboard. The basis of the adhesive mixtures is Portland cement with a finely dispersed filler. Also, the composition of the mixture includes special polymer additives that give the finished solution special properties. It also acquires high adhesion, water resistance and elasticity. It also provides a fairly quick setting of the solution and high strength. Another important requirement is the low fluidity of the ready-made drymix mortar additives Malaysia, which allows for high-quality laying of tiles.

Dry building mixes for floors are divided into rough and finishing. In the first case, the solution is used to make the screed. In such mixtures, the binder is cement or gypsum. Due to special modifiers, it is possible to ensure the formation of a flat surface during pouring. Additives are also used to prevent the formation of internal voids and other defects that can lead to the destruction of the base.

The main task of finishing mixtures for floors is the formation of a perfectly flat surface with high strength characteristics. Here, alumina cement or Portland cement is used as a binder. Mixtures can include subsequent flooring. Also, special compositions are used that allow you to use the self-leveling floor directly as a finishing coating with high decorative properties. For more articles like this one, click here.


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