What Is The Importance Of Nursing?

The nurse in everyone’s eyes must be a profession that gives injections and infusions, then has many night shifts, is not very technical, very hard work, does not earn much money and has very little respect from society. In fact, the nursing profession is a very independent and open and innovative profession, which is very well respected in developed countries abroad and has a very good remuneration package. In our country, due to the development of society and the improvement of medical standards, the nursing profession has also made great progress. If you are not a member of the profession, you will not know much about it.

There is a shortage of nurses, both internationally and domestically. Many people previously thought that the shortage of nurses was due to a lack of people willing to work as nurses, but this is not the case. The fundamental reason is that the demand for community and home care is rising due to the aging of the global population, which will continue for decades to come, and the shortage of nurses will continue.

With the development of society and the improvement of medical standards, the comprehensive requirements for nursing talents in terms of professionalism and knowledge, as well as technical and operational skills, are becoming higher and higher. There are not so many talents who can enter the profession in line with this standard, and not just anyone can enter the nursing profession as we think, which is one of the reasons why the nursing profession is short of people and cannot meet the needs of society and the market nowadays.

Another reason is that the demand for nursing services is becoming more diverse, the degree of illness is becoming more complex, and the need for precise care in niche areas is increasing, so hospitals will require more specialised nurses and more staff. Hence, obtaining a diploma in nursing Malaysia will be valuable in the future. 

One more thing, people are also worried about whether industries such as artificial intelligence and the Internet will have an impact on nursing? In fact, in the nursing industry, AI technology can provide some help and support, such as fully automated systems for dispensing medication in hospitals, which can replace some of the manual work, but direct communication and interaction with patients still needs to be provided by our nursing staff, so these will not have an impact on the nursing industry, but on the contrary make the work of nurses more convenient.


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