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How to use vibrators (for her)

As she approaches climax, minimise stimulation as required. You can go to this site and find various different types and a variety of sex toys to shop from.

Place it between her labia, over or near the clitoris, with your palm cupped over the vibrator. Start slowly so she isn’t overstimulated. You may gradually increase the speed as she approaches climax, but be mindful that too much speed may be problematic for her. Some women desire full speed before orgasm, while others never want it. You may gently insert your hand or the vibrator inside her and hold or push and release. To move her labia, you may move your hand gently up and down, left and right, or in little circles. Explore her reactions to your ideas. Keep an eye out for any pelvic thrusting or other motions. If she has a rhythm, learn to work with it. Keep an eye on her body as she approaches climax.

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You must decide what to do when she climaxes. Reducing stimulation too soon will deprive her of her orgasm’s full potential. If she is hypersensitive like most guys, you will need to back off before or during her speech. Rather than breaking touch with her body, slow down and eventually stop. 

If she can have and desires numerous orgasms, you must understand how to transition between them. She’ll probably desire less stimulation after each orgasm. To learn how to use a vibrator, let her lead you by telling you what she needs or by putting her hand over yours.

Also, he may sit or sleep between her legs to please her With two hands, greater access, and a good view. Herbal or synthetic lubricant is beneficial here. Apply lubrication to her clitoris and vicinity. Hold the vibrator between your thumb and forefinger, or like a large pencil between your thumb and two fingers. Your second hand might help expose her vulva or add penetration afterwards. Start at the outside border of the outer labia and go within gently. Again, start slowly and build pace as she grows more agitated. Some women can or prefer direct clitoris stimulation, while others cannot. Any vibration applied to any area of the stimulated vulva is felt throughout.

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Experiment with her outside, inner, and clitoris labia. Try up and down strokes and varied sized circles. Try going down with a forceful stroke, then up with a soft stroke. If she is too sensitive for direct clitoris stimulation, do it to one side. A reversed “U” – up one side, over the top, and down the other. Try adding some penetration while she’s excited. If the PC muscles have something to “grab,” most women experience greater orgasms. Begin with one finger, then two or three if she likes it. You may try pushing, but remember that your fingers are more tougher and less flexible than your penis, and you can easily hurt her. You may also place one or two fingers palm up on her G-spot (or palm down and then flip your hand over). “Come here” stimulates the G-spot. If you start before she is fully excited, she may feel the urge to urinate — getting her fully aroused and then starting gently should prevent this. Others women will love it, some will hate it, and most will experience a tiny bump in pleasure and orgasm from it. Again, work with her rhythm. As she approaches climax, minimise stimulation as required. When she’s done, embrace… or make love to her.

You can go to this site and find various different types and a variety of sex toys to shop from.
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