How Does Culture Influence Branding

Branding plays an important role for companies to gain reputation and become an icon of the companies’ products and services which helps them to attract the attention of bigger companies that are in the similar field. It also helps companies to develop marketing strategies around their brand to help them develop their business more successfully. However, culture also plays an important part on how an advertisement can be created to attract audiences even from other countries.  

One such country that is known for its bizarre advertisements is Japan. Japanese commercials are so bizarre that it tops most brand activation agency Malaysia. For example, an advertisement of a woman beating up a man with a bouquet of roses and finishing him by popping a wine cork onto him is a demonstration of the first Devil May Cry’s gameplay. Japan is clever at subverting their viewers’ expectation to deliver the punchline right at the end of their advertisement that would leave their viewers in shock at how bizarre their advertisements are. As Japan is known worldwide for their animation, or anime, most companies would advertise their products by hiring famous voice actors to advertise their products. One of these advertisements is when Panasonic Homes hired Sugita Tomokazu and Yuki Kaji, who are some of the most famous voice actors in Japan, to voice as two cats to advertise about full-house ventilation.

Another country that could possibly compete against Japan’s wacky advertisements is America. The Super Bowl is the biggest football (not the soccer one) event in the whole country that is like FIFA to other countries. During commercial breaks, they would feature advertisements featuring famous actors advertising their products in weird and bizarre scenarios. For example, Jason Momoa, who is famous for his role as Aquaman, played as a man who would go home and relax while unleashing his “fake muscular body” to reveal his anorexic body. And the best part, this is an advertisement for a mortgage company. This is a clever marketing strategy as Jason Momoa was becoming more popular with his debut as Aquaman in Justice League. As he was popular throughout the internet, Rocket Mortgage took this opportunity to advertise themselves by hiring Jason Momoa to advertise their services.

And finally, how can I talk about culture affecting advertisements without talking about Malaysia. As Malaysia is known for racial diversity, most advertisements would feature races wearing traditional clothings from different cultures of their own. These advertisements are commonly seen in mostly festive holidays such as Deepavali, Chinese New Year and Hari Raya to remind the public about how fascinating our racial diversity and unity are.

Overall, culture has a major influence on how marketing teams can come up with creative advertisements to advertise products for their clients. In addition to that, trends have an additional effect on how advertisements are made as well since most advertisements are aimed towards the younger audience, mainly youths and young adults.

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