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4 Interesting Jobs In The Culinary Arts

If you’re interested in taking up a culinary arts course (or kursus seni kulinari in Malay), chances are, you’re also interested in pursuing a job in the culinary arts. 

When people think of the culinary field, it’s often they default to thinking of the more popular career options in said industry – cooks, chefs, maybe even bakers. But like most industries out there, the culinary field is a wider one that most people tend to expect, and boasts an impressive array of jobs both in and out of the expected norm. 

So if you’re interested in pursuing a further education in the culinary arts, or perhaps have already freshly graduated college with a culinary degree under an arm, here are some interesting jobs in the culinary arts that you could pursue after education! 

seni kulinari

1. Brewer 

Remember the last time you had a nice drink of some good alcohol at your local bar? Well, what you sampled then – and pretty much all the times you’ve ever drank a beer – was likely the work of a brewer. 

The brewer job description is all about beer. They’re often responsible for the entire beer-making and distribution process; from selecting the ingredients to fermenting the concoction to occasionally filtering the beer for it’s final look. Brewers often work in breweries and pubs, and ensure the beer you’re drinking is top notch for the best drinking experience.

2. Pastry Chef 

Who doesn’t love a delicious, sweet, and buttery pastry? 

Pastry chefs are the chefs responsible for baked goods, confections, and desserts in restaurants. From delicious flaky croissants to sweet and flavorful cinnamon buns to the most intricately-iced cakes, pastry chefs often work to create some truly beautiful and scrumptious baked goods. Other than the handling, decorating, and presentation of food, pastry chefs are also often responsible for other tasks such as managing the baking staff, and also even at times the hiring of additional workers. 

3. Sommelier 

A lesser known career in the culinary field, a sommelier is in charge of the coordination of foods and wines. Often tasked with the job of creating a wine menu in collaboration with cooking chefs, sommeliers are primarily responsible for recommending wine selections to customers that would pair well with their own tastes as well as the foods they’re eating. In other words, sommeliers must have excellent expertise in the wine department, and be able to know which flavor of wines go with what food to create the best blend of tastes. 

4. Sous-chef 

The sous-chef is a high-ranking chef in the kitchen, second to only the executive chef. As such, the sous-chef is tasked with doing many things in the kitchen; from overseeing operations, to managing the staff, to making sure that everything runs smoothly with minimal issues and, if issues do arise, seeing to it’s amendment. Furthermore, sous chefs can also be in charge of designing the plating of food, as well as the food and drink menu. Therefore, they must have a good mastery of food knowledge and food management, to ensure that the kitchen runs smoothly on all it’s operations.

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