3 Video Games You Shouldn’t Play If You’re Afraid Of The Ocean

Thalassophobia: the fear of the ocean. 

This phobia is not as common as certain fears like the fear of heights (acrophobia) or fear of spiders (arachnophobia), but it still digs it’s claws into many people and makes them fear the deep and unfathomable blue unknown. Despite the many services we’ve set up on the ocean, such as Altus Malaysia services which is an integrated logistics company in Malaysia that offers integrated supply chain services in Malaysia, or the many vessels and voyages we’ve undertaken both above and beneath it’s surface, the sea is still a largely unknowable beast – filled with dangers beyond our comprehension. 

And sometimes, media like films and video games capitalize on that fear. They use it, leverage it, and craft terrifying stories and monsters that only make us all the more terrified of what might lie beneath the blue waves. For people who are deathly afraid of the ocean, these games are nightmares breathed new life – rendered in startlingly clear or intentionally grainy graphics to instill further that fear of the unknown. But for others who love a good scare, well – these games are for you. 

Here are 3 video games you shouldn’t play if you’re afraid of the ocean. 

1. Soma

Soma is a video game that was launched in 2015, and still exists as an incredibly popular game among fans of the oceanic horror genre. Set within the underwater facility of the PATHOS-II in the distant future of 2104, Soma tells a dark and horrific tale of underwater monsters, cyborgs, and what it really means to be human and alive. 

Simon Jarrett is a car-accident survivor with brain damage, and agrees to undergo a brain scan from a graduate student. He inexplicably wakes up to a nightmarish, post-apocalyptic future wherein the earth has been devastated, and an underwater research facility is plagued with terrifying ocean creatures and insane robots who believe they are human. Simon himself soon learns he is nothing more than a copy of the original Simon Jarrett’s consciousness, transplanted into a modified human corpse by an AI consumed with it’s function of preserving the human race – and now he must bond with fellow human-conscious-turned-robot Catherine Chun to save themselves from a destroyed earth. 

2. Subnautica 

While Subnautica is more of an action survival game than a horror game, the infamous designs of some of it’s more terrifying creatures still lend it a high place on this list. Set during the 22nd century, the player crash lands their spaceship on an alien world filled with water and unknown undersea monsters. Forced to navigate this unknown territory to survive, the player must then venture out into the deep abyss to find resources – and evade truly terrifying alien beasts on the way. 

All-in-all, the game is filled with a perpetual sense of underwater terror; stuck within the deep abyss as unknown monsters chase you through the dark. Some of the more terrifying creatures include things such as the Reaper Leviathan, a monstrous creature with four glowing eyes, a streamlined body, and four giant hooks protruding from it’s jaw. Others include the almost spider-looking Sea Treader Leviathan, a tall creature with three splindly legs that stalks the seabed. With these in mind, there’s no doubt that Subnautica is truly a terrifying game that preys on undersea fear. 

3. Water Womb World

A much shorter and comparatively simpler game, Water Womb World is a short horror game that follows an underwater diver and professor in their quest to reach divine enlightenment. Intentionally rendered in grainy graphics, this game employs terrifying visuals, slowly unfolding truths, and twisted religious beliefs to deeply unsettle you, and instill an ever-present fear of the abyss. 

In Water Womb World, the unnamed diver and professor ventures out into ‘Gasper’s Zone’; a region of deep sea where they are convinced hosts ancient relics of the divine. Everytime they swim out of their submarine craft to collect samples and living fish from the seabed, they get closer to a terrifying truth – that horrific, deep-sea angels dwell deep within the ocean, luring the protagonist further from sanity and into a horrifying, zealous transformation. 

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