Why You Can Consider Moving To Selangor

Damansara Perdana

If you are a fresh grad, chances are you are looking for a job. You are searching for jobs in Jobstreet, Linkedin, Facebook, and so on to look for a job in your hometown. To be fair, normally people do not want to move to somewhere far to work. Unfortunately, you could not land a job in your hometown, you then start to look for someplace else in order to get a job. The dilemma for non-Selangorian is that many do not wish to move there as often it can be intimidating moving somewhere far away from the family. However, moving to Selangor is not as bad as it seems. To find out why, continue reading this article to read the points.

Job Opportunities 

The state of Selangor is known for many job opportunities as it is closer to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, known to be a commercial center. Selangor often has many job 

opportunities that normally cannot be found in other states. For example, big corporate companies such as Sony, RBC Bank, Bandai Namco, and etcetera will often operate their business either in Selangor or Kuala Lumpur. Thus, making it impossible for non-Selangorian to work in their dream job in their hometown.

Various attractions

If you are looking to go out for a stroll on your off day, Selangor offers the best experience as you have a variety of attractions that you can go to visit. If you want to take a break from the urban life, you can visit places like Batu Cave, Bukit Melawati, Zoo Negara and Selangor State Park to name a few. Other than that, there are also theme parks for you to visit if you wish to do so. There are theme parks like Sunway Lagoon, Skytropolis, Escape Challenge Adventure Park, and so on.

Commercial Centers

Selangor is home to commercial centers because of its close proximity to Kuala Lumpur. Typically, major events will be held in Selangor or KL. Big international events like concerts and motorsports. Numerous singers have all held their concerts in Kuala Lumpur such as JJ Lin, BTS, and Shawn Mendes. As for motorsports, Malaysia used to host Formula One until 2017. Fear not, there are still other major motorsports events that are held in Selangor such as Motor GP and Super GT. They would normally race at Sepang International Circuit, Selangor.


Last but not least, if all of this is still not enough. Selangor is home to many developed townships that are being developed by giant corporations. There are Glenmarie, Bandar Botanic, Damansara Perdana, Kota Damansara, Bandar Sunway and so on. Each of the townships has its own unique identity and attractions where it is set to offer visitors and tourists the best possible experience they can get. 

There you have it, here are the points for you if you are considering or moving to Selangor. Do not feel intimidated by this experience, as exploring more places will lead you to open up your mind. Make sure to go out and have fun to maximize your experience when visiting a new place.

Damansara Perdana


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