Why Should You Buy Insurance Policy For Total Permanent Disability Malaysia? 

Buy Insurance Policy For Total Permanent Disability Malaysia

Life is very unpredictable. Especially after the beginning of the global pandemic caused by the virus COVID-19, you never know what may happen to anyone and it’s very important for us to stay protected. As inflation begins to increase due to the increase of costs with raw materials and other resources, we may feel like our budgets are getting tighter as time goes by. So how will we be able to support ourselves in the off-chance that an unfortunate accident happens to one of us or our loved ones? That is why we suggest that you buy insurance policy for total permanent disability malaysia

So, why should you buy insurance policy for total permanent disability malaysia?

We can’t really predict our future and we can’t overlook the present from challenges that may or may not happen to us in every stage of our lives. So how do we combat that? We must stay prepared financial to shoulder burdens of hospital and medical bills, but not everyone is financially fit to do that at short notice. That is why insurance plans are a great option for everyone. That is because you don’t have to come up with a large sum of money at one go, but instead you will be investing for your future and safety as well at a monthly basis. 

If you are convinced and would like some suggestions for an Insurance Policy that covers Total Permanent Disability (TPD), you should keep reading. 

We definitely suggest AmMetLife’s insurance plans. Why is that, you ask? Well, they have a few options you can look at which may be beneficial if you are concerned for TPD coverage so that your loved ones are protected financially in case something bad were to ever happen to you.

ProtectLink is a regular premium investment-linked plan. It’s a combination plan that provides its users with both insurance coverage and investment components, so it’s right for you if you would like to safeguard your future as well as your health & wellbeing.

Essentially, if you are a ProtectLink policy holder, you will receive 100% of the basic sum assured and account value upon death or TPD. Once the death of the Life Assured, the policy will be terminated with no further value.

ProtectElite II also happens to be a regular premium investment-linked plan. Its’ similar to ProtectLink but with better coverage for the Life Assured. ProtectElite II provides protection for Death and TPD, coverage for cancer and additional coverage for accidental death.

As a ProtectElite II policyholder, you can receive 20% of the basic sum assured upon Life Assured’s cancer diagnosis. Other than that, there is a 6 years no-lapse guarantee, which means that the policy will not lapse within the  first six policy years if the account value is less than or equal to zero on the due date of the monthly policy fee, provided that all premiums of the policy are paid within the due date and grace period. 

Buy Insurance Policy For Total Permanent Disability Malaysia

If you want more information regarding AmMetLife’s insurance policies, you should definitely visit their website here


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