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Why Pro-Choice Should Be Mandated

In this precise day and time of modern civilization, society has since opened up its perspectives to accepting issues they never thought they would put their thoughts on. Pro-choice is a widespread movement initiated by self-entitled feminists who thrive for the legalization of abortion. While the terminology abortion poses somewhat negative connotation, it is one of the keys to empowering the women community that emphasizes the rights they deserve to choose for what is the best for they themselves. This subject matter has since become a taboo topic to discuss because of the number of individuals who remain stationary with their pro-life mindset. This article aims to enlighten readers on the importance of pro-choice and why it should be mandated. 

Pro-Choice Does Not Equal To Pro-Abortion

Many mix up the motives of pro-choice as supporting the very procedure of abortion, and that is nowhere near accurate. Pro-choice indicates granting women the autonomy to choose what is best for their state of health and mind without conforming to any preconceived notions. While abortion is almost equivalent to giving up on life, society must also be considerate of women’s state of affairs whether they are in their uttermost desirable circumstance to handle a pregnancy, labor, and childcare. Pregnancy is not the easiest of tasks to complete as it calls for strength, courage, and pain endurance. It does not merely stop there, many mothers have reported experiencing unsuccessful childbirth thus risking not only the life of their unborn but theirs as well. Apart from that, the amount of effort and money childcare calls for is immensely expensive. Do not expect a girl who was violated to pick up the pieces of their very culprit because they are not entitled to be responsible. Just because victims are conceivable, it does not give them the obligation to keep what is uncalled for. Their mind and physique have already tormented, imagine pressuring them to hold on to the pregnancy and dealing with problems like leakages amidst lactation. While blue lock breast pads malaysia can be of help, they should be given a choice to decide whether they want to put themselves in such a situation.

With that being said, to mandate pro-choice, we should never take this very medical procedure for granted by resorting to abortion every time we accidentally conceive. Yet rather, consider taking on precautions like contraceptive or birth control pills, the morning after, condoms so on and so forth to avoid crying over spilled milk. If you are given a choice to not conceive, why demand a choice to abort an unwanted pregnancy? This only applies to those who said no to protection at first for immense pleasure, those who were not given an option to decide otherwise must be given full autonomy to pick a path. 

The necessity to legalize abortion is still in the work, yet there are many countries that have already legalized it for the sake of women who did not have a say in their bodies initially. This is a good turning point many nations should take into serious consideration. 


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