The Types of Dishwashers that can Promote Better Services

Dishwashers That Can Promote Better Services

When you are managing a restaurant or a hotel or whatever type of business that concerns will food, then it means that you have many dishes to wash every now and then. Well of course you are not the one to actually wash them but one of your staffs. But if you just have enough number of staffs, then it might better if you will get a commercial dishwasher so that they can get things done quickly and they can serve your customers more efficiently. For sure you are well aware that your competitors are almost endless like maybe just next to your business place is another diner that is also trying their best to serve their customers efficiently. If your customers will get pissed for having to wait longer or maybe the plates are not that clean, for sure they will right away go to another diner and might not even check your business ever.

So, here are the different types of dishwashers that you can avail for your business:

The Different Types of Dishwashers

Door Dishwashers – this is a stand-alone type of dishwasher that is equipped with a tall door. When the operation will start, the tall door will be pulled down. After the dish rack will be loaded and is placed inside, the three connecting sides of the door will slide down.

Undercounter Dishmachine – actually, this is not really a dishwasher as this is just a dishmachine. It means its function is only to sanitize the loaded dishes and will not wash them. So basically, they should be washed first before they will be loaded to a dishmachine.

Glasswashers – these are the undercounter dishwashers that are basically meant for bars. To prevent breakage, the water pressure incorporated in glasswashers is just low. The reason why these things are originally meant for bars is that they can wash up to 2000 glasses per hour thus if the bar is quite busy, this is really appropriate so as not to have the customers waiting.

Conveyor Dishwashers – this type of dishwasher is best for diners that are really busy because this can wash up to 400 dish racks every hour. This machine can have three tanks and they are for washing, rinsing and then sanitizing. Usually, dishwashers like these incorporated hot sanitation though there are also those that use chemical sanitation.

Flight Dishwashers – this kind of dishwasher uses a conveyor and the dishes will be loaded in the moving belt. This means they do not have racks. Usually, this is custom made thus if you are planning to order one, see to it that you have your own specifications so that the end result can really provide your needs.

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