Is Free-range Chicken Better Than The Caged-system?

Free-range chicken vs Caged system

Free-range poultry is a farming method used by the farmer to raise the hens. Poultry usually can roam freely outdoors every day and not being confined for 24 hours each day inside the cage. Free-range chicken divided into two types, indoor and outdoor.

Indoor free-range means chicken are kept inside the commercial free-range hens. Outdoor free-range is to keep poultry in fenced yards to restrict the movement of poultry just a little.

Free-range Poultry

According to many research, free-range Poultry can produce happy chicken or not stressful chicken. The reason is chicken was able to move even though not as free as it supposed to be. Thus, many animal activists urging the ban of caged-system and suggesting that the poultry industry must use this type of poultry farming.

The suggestion met with many reactions, some agree with it, while others are skeptical or disagree with it. This includes the business owner, farmers, and even the professor in the prestigious university as well.

According to them, happy chicken not determined by the living condition. But instead because of the environmental situations. In additions, caged-system farming is more effective, cost-saving and less disease will contact the chicken.

This statement supported by the statement Dr. Charles Milne, the chief vet from Victoria, Australia, during the interview with Sydney Morning Herald. He said chicken did not like open space and preferred to stay indoor and also chickens on the free-range can give huge welfare problems.

The happiness of chicken not determined by the free-range or caged -system farming. Instead, chicken needed space to move around and do its behavioral activities such as foraging, exploring, nesting, perching, and dustbathing. Certainly, caged-system are not capable of giving such freedom to the chicken. However, it is not necessary to do free-range farming to make the chicken do behavioral activities.

In conclusion, poultry companies like chicken supplier Singapore must be aware the importance of keeping the chicken happy.


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