How Can You Get To Know Your Customers? 

Getting to know your customers is so important for branding companies Malaysia and all over the world. In fact, it is the first step of many branding strategies: understanding your customer, and their motivations. 

Branding agencies and marketers need to understand the actions of their customers to build content strategies that are more effective at communicating and building recognition. When we identify customer needs and motivations, it makes our job of creating brand awareness so much easier. Our branding content can be developed around their decision-making process, heuristics, semantics, and other basic psychological motives. 

For example, you are the owner of a skincare company. And you want to build a skincare brand that is so powerful that it is easily recognized by everyone. Maybe your inspiration is a brand like “Lush” and you are wondering how you can create an equal amount of momentum around your brand. First things first. You have to truly understand what motivates your customer to buy skincare. And what their experience is like skincare tools and products. What are their skincare regimens, rituals and what motivates them to choose a specific brand? Understanding their desire for skincare and the meaning attached to skincare will help you create a brand that your target audience can easily resonate with. If you are an eco-friendly skincare brand and your target customers involve people who are crazy about going green, understand the different methods of how you can appeal to them! 

In light of getting to know your target audience, what are different ways you can get to know your customers for the sake of branding?

Administer Surveys 

A lot of brands tend to administer a survey, even way before launching their product. They put out a teaser for their brand and follow up with a questionnaire for their lovely audience. The questionnaire is aimed to help your target audience feel closer to you and for you to truly understand what they need and what they expect from you. Surveys can also give insights into the point of weaknesses and how you compare yourself to your competitors as well. 

Follow Up After The Purchase 

Following up after purchases is one of the best possible ways to get an honest review. They have experience with your brand and they can tell you how it exactly made them feel. Did they feel like the brand achieved their goal? Are they satisfied and are their needs well met? 

Conduct Focus Groups 

Sometimes you need something a little stronger and interactive than a survey and feedback. Focus groups are great to know your customers in a more personalized manner. This gives them the opportunity to talk more and give you opinions that are otherwise unheard of. They will give you unbiased opinions on your products, branding and social media content. This is unfiltered content that needs to be evaluated and used for market research. Surveys can often restrict two-way communications and focus groups are a perfect way to facilitate a full conversation. 

Remember, there is no such thing as knowing your customer too much. the more you have facts about your target audience, the better it is!


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