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If we base ourselves on the property prices of the past 30 years, there is an increase in property prices of 5 to 6% per year. These price increases have a positive effect on the return on your real estate investment. Whether this price increase will continue in this way in the next 30 years is a big question mark. When calculating returns, it is, therefore, better to work with a safe approach in which a price increase of 1 to 2% per year gives a rather realistic picture. In Kota Kemuning condo your choice would be perfect.

Kota Kemuning condo

Financing As Leverage

Since the interest rates on mortgage loans are low today, it is advisable to take out a real estate investment to take out a loan and to (partly) finance your investment with borrowed funds. In this way you can already invest in real estate with your own contribution of, for example, 75,000 dollars. In addition, the financing, due to its positive leverage, also has a positive effect on your return.

We are currently building two unique residential projects such as Pandan Indah kl that respond perfectly to the needs of real estate investors. These new construction projects offer the ideal cocktail for a smart real estate investment:

With an investment, a lot depends on the neighborhood in which the investment is made. In this case, both projects are centrally located in a new, green neighborhood. The chance of vacancy is therefore minimal and the rent will evolve positively with the neighborhood.

Together with our interior coordinators you can prepare your home or apartment completely ready to move in and therefore also ready for rental.

Tips For Real Estate Buyers – Real Estate Buyers Tips

Whether it’s your own home or investment property, finding the right property is not that easy. Buyers have to make numerous decisions, starting with stable financing and searching through to the purchase agreement. To make your project a success, here are the most important tips for property buyers.

A favorable location, a well-designed property and the purchase price must be right: Anyone buying an apartment or a house wants, has many demands. And rightly so: After all, buying real estate often has long-term effects on life. At the beginning there should therefore be a solid financial plan that also takes possible additional costs into account. At the same time, it is also worthwhile to look into various funding options. Once the financing is in place, the next step is easier: the search for suitable real estate offers is easy and straightforward from the couch. If you have found your dream house or apartment, you shouldn’t rush anything: property buyers should critically review the properties of the property and carefully examine the land register and purchase agreement.

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