5 Best Office Playlist To Listen To While You Are Working For Productivity 

A long day at work can exhaust you in so many ways. The long exposure to the computer screen, the neverending typing on the keyboard, the brainstorming for your Malaysia website design and the long working hours can drain the energy out of you despite your third cup of coffee. You need a wake-up call for the brain to be fresh and upbeat throughout the time in the office, and we all know being in your respective cubicles can be occasionally lonely. At least for the ears, they need that perfect sound to keep you going for the day.

Here are the 5 best office playlist to blast your earphones while you are working to improve your productivity:

  1. Classical Music

The ‘Mozart Effect’ is an everyday thing for classical listeners as this type of music can boost abstract reasoning ability. Researchers have proven the frequent exposure to classical music can increase by around eight to nine points in their IQ. Listening to classical music can also benefit mentally for learning. 

  1. Instrumental Music

A study was conducted in 2015 by researchers from the Middle Tennesee State University, Carol A. Smith and Larry W. Morris, who discovers that listening to sedative music can enhance working performance than those who listened to lyrical music. Though it may be different for every individual, as some are okay with not having any rap verses drilling into their minds and accidentally slipping the lyrics to their reports. It may or may not be distracting to some, but instrumental is better for attention wise. 

  1. Video Game Music

For this type of music, it is a hit or miss. In terms of concentration, the music can either motivate you or distract you. There are many kinds of genres for the video game soundtracks which are different in attention suitability for every individual. Some like it amped and exudes high energy rhythm like the soundtrack Thumper, others like it calm and serene like the exploration soundtrack from Skyrim. There are countless video games to choose from, and each and every one of them can suit a certain ear. Just like how playing a video game requires as much focus as working, thinking for strategies to reach the end product. Therefore, it is important to find the best music that can drive you to productivity.

  1. Nature Music

If you prefer a calm and natural atmosphere, psychophysical data and sound-field analysis have shown results of listening to nature sounds can enhance cognitive functioning, optimize your ability to concentrate and increase your level of satisfaction. Think of the sea, the forest, the rain, or the chirping of birds. The ambiance gives out relaxation and contributes to focus from the soothing melody.

  1. Upbeat Music

A 2014 study by a group of researchers achieves a result which those who listened to the high-powered playlists are more empowered compared to those who listened to a less powerful playlist. They are more productive and determine to finish what they started.

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